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5G technology is simply a fifth generation in cellular network communication and considered to be the fastest network ever.

With the transmission speed of about 100Gbs in non – mobile devices and 110Mbs in supported mobile devices, this technology is considered to become a breakthrough as far data transmission is concerned. Since we are now in information age where data is even more valuable than diamond, then the need for high data availability , reliability and efficiency is inevitable across all networked devices. From Internet of thing,Virtual reality, tele-medicine, online gaming and many more others, 5G is expected to bring major positive impacts in these technologies.

Despite of greatness explained by lot of experts regarding this technology and China to be the first country to launch this remarkable network, there is still some few draw-bags to this technology which are, lack of coverage as it uses higher frequency to transmit signals and will have less penetration through building walls or underground basements , to jam satellite that assist in weather forecasting , just to mention the few. By comparing benefits and demerits ,one question still remains, is 5G really going to be a breakthrough

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